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Baby Pram buggy dont touch -Giraffe

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Babies are absolute treasure and it's often so hard to refrain from touching the baby even when still an infant. In todays world with such an emphasis on keeping distance and protecting the vulnerable it can be hard to remind loved ones and acquaintances not to touch this vulnerable little bundle of perfection. Our colourfully designed Duffy and Porter tags are designed to act as a gentle reminder to protect the young.

Made from acrylic and measuring approx 90mm this piece is robust, suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be sterilised whenever necessary. It comes with ribbon as standard and also you have an option to recieve a velcro strap which can be used on carry tot handles

It is recommended for use with younger babies once kept out of their reach and should be removed once the baby can reach to pull it. This is not a toy.

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