Personalised Craft Set - Dinosaur

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At Duffy and Porter we believe on the power of creativity.

The sense of achievement obtained by completing a project yourself has a power to it that spurs on confidence.

Creating something with your own name on it makes it all the more special.

With our craft kits we give you all you need to make your very own wall or door plaque.

If as a gift just imagine the squeals of delight when the giftee realises this new craft project literally has their name on it!

The kit includes the wooden piece of choice, a name, paint, paint brush and glue to complete the project.

The glue can also be used as a final carnish to put over the whole piece to seal it and protect this masterpiece for years to come.

Measuring 28cm, this is unique and a truly special gift

A Duffy and Porter product

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